• Good Vibrations // Sacred Energy Mist. 2 oz. Black Tourmaline Infused.

    • $10.00


    In a perfect world, it would be that easy! But we cannot control what the world and what others do, only ourselves and our environment. 
    ~Good Vibrations // Sacred Smudging Mist is a purification blend of Dalmatian Sage & Cedar Infused Witch Hazel, Rosemary, Cedar, Juniper, Spruce and adorned with a charged Black Tourmaline Stone to absorb bad energies, or energies that don't serve our highest good. This mist is perfect for travel, for energy workers/Therapists, or for any situations where you cannot burn sage. Comes in 2 oz. Amber Glass Spray Bottle which you can reuse, repurpose, or recycle. 

    Never ever spray in eyes or mucous membranes. For External use only. Keep out of children's reach. Venus In Aquarius Apothecary is NOT responsible for misuse or adverse reactions of our products. 

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