• Vision is Light Acrylic Print

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    This is The Cleveland Project a Signature Piece

    8 x 12 Print is the base size

    This image is a reflection of what I seen when I was taking the image. The name of the image is Vision is light this image one of many images from the collection. Signature Piece take time and dedication to images the process for a signature piece can take up to 72 hours up to 2 weeks. Printed on 1/4" Acrylic DiBond backing this provides a high quality image and show all the colors in the true light with it's metallic surface. With French Cleat Mounting Hangers this provides a full image with no distractions.


    Vision is light are showing again. I think I'm the only one that can see them. Please make sure look go look at the production partner. The production partner is Bay Photo