• Aleppo-Style Soap

    • $10.25


    Aleppo soap, associated with the city of Aleppo in Syria, is a traditional soap with two simple ingredients: Olive oil and laurel berry oil. Our Aleppo-Style Soap is a low-lather, high-olive oil soap that incorporates 14% laurel berry oil for a gentle soap that is an excellent option for those with sensitive skin and coconut allergies alike.

    Aged 2 months, the Aleppo-Style Soap is ready to use but, like a good wine, will continue to improve with age and may be kept in a cool, dry place with good airflow if you care to let it age further.

    Unscented, but naturally scented by the laurel berry oil.

    Coconut-free. Vegan.

    Ingredients: olive oil, laurel berry oil.